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SDS - Google UX Certification


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SDS App Prototype


This was a randomized challenge project from Sharpen to produce a merchandise app for the local symphony. The symphony needs an updated way to sell tickets and merchandise digitally. The problem states that customers don't have an opportunity to shop for tickets digitally with ease. The ultimate goal is to provide users the oppotunity to shop tickets through the local symphony's application.


To be able to dive into an app I did need to perform a little UX research to better understand the why and what. I prepared seven questions to ask each subject and I made sure to ask them the same to everyone. The subject's (five) answers were recorded and written down. Some of these subjects will be coming back for more testing once the app is a little more down the development process.

The best orchestra app in the world!

The data was then transformed into an aggregated empathy map which allows me to identify themes and better empathize with who I am designing for.

SAYS: "Yes, a few times but I forget what for.", "Yeah, I would be too curious.", "Not that I can remember to be honest.", "Anything on an app is smart because then everyone can see it."

THINKS: Kyle thinks that scanning a barcode would be no problem and that he would be curious. Melissa thinks online shopping is the way to go, but misses out on the in person shopping. Eric is an online shopper and would use the app, but he just doesnt get out much. Mary thinks its an easy idea to scan the barcode, but has not been in that position yet to be confident.

DOES: Eric does buy merchandise when he is attending sporting events. A good amount of these subjects do online shop.

FEELS: A good amount of confusion. A lack of experience across subjects.

The best orchestra app in the world!

USER STORIES: "As someone who values time, I want to enjoy the orchestra's store without a line so I can shop in peace. As a refined romantic, I want something from the orchestra's store and don't care how it's done."


Creating a solid journey map for this app was going to result in an obstacle-free path for users. The goal of this journey map is to have the user checkout successfully.

The best orchestra app in the world!


Mike is a hard working husband who needs to save time when buying event merchandise.


If Mike uses an app to shop the event merchandise, then the amount of time saved will encourage him to convert.


Convenience was one of the main keys users wanted improved. With an application to cater to event shoppers there will be no line. In addition, the app provides the user the option if they would like to pick up their purchases at the event, or get it delivered to home same day via drone. Now we are talking!

The best orchestra app in the world!

1. It was observed that #3 out of #5 participants had a good amount of trouble either finding the donation feature or accessing the scroll feature on the homepage to find it. This means that there is a great amount of users who are in need of a fixed solution to find this feature.

2. It was observed that #5 out of #5 participants had ease opening the application and getting involved in the majority of shopping features. This means that there was major success in the design for the shopping system.

3. It was observed that #4 out of #5 participants found the application to be quickly understandable by showing low testing times when it came to finding features. This means the app flow is in a great place at this time.

The best orchestra app in the world!


The design process is always changing due to every project being unique. Starting with hand drawn 2 minute frames, then changing them to wireframes. Once the wireframes were good to go it was time to start to get to know the brand colors and theme a bit better. I established a style tile to make surveythat I am sticking with the brand's guidelines.

The best orchestra app in the world!
The best orchestra app in the world!


Getting to the prototype phase of this project was a blast for me. Designing the homepage to include all categories that were nessesary was accomplished. With great testing and process, here is the final prototype. Below are images containing the workspace and imagery of the interactions along with it.

The best orchestra app in the world!
The best orchestra app in the world!
The best orchestra app in the world!
The best orchestra app in the world!

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